For more information call  Dottie (314-691-1494) or Marsha 314-518-7302
             (Serving All Counties)
Come meet us!!!  
Join us at our "Potluck" Dinner Meeting
First Thursdays of every month at 7 p.m.
(newcomers do not bring anything)
We meet (no affiliation) at the Presbyterian Church on
South Point Road in Washington (near Kohl's)
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Lots of ages, lots of shapes, lots of fun!!!  
Come check us out

You do not have to join FCS to enjoy our activities!  
We invite you  to just  enjoy yourselves!  We do!
Invite a friend to a meeting or up-coming event
Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Dinner-Saturday, November 11th
Xmas Party-Saturday, December 9th
New Years Eve Dance-Saturday, December 31st

(Plus much more-Check Out Calendar for details)
Visit our site again for new events!!!
The Whole Clan!
"Flower Power Party"
Hippie party at  Marsha's house. Great costumes; everyone gave it their best; many
laughs, a down-home gathering from the 60's.